"Holy Water" De Lalit Verma Collectie

Woensdag 26th Mei 2021 Om 14:00

The Personal Collection of Lalit Verma at Hessink’s presents a uniquely intimate glimpse into the Hindu culture and its traditions, which are deeply embedded in religion, with every facet of life being governed by some belief.

Lalit Verma, an ex-TATA executive, Photographer and Art Collector, brings alive the religious fervour and mystical spirit of the Kumbha Mela pilgrimage in India, with his photography collection.

For Lalit Verma, capturing the Kumbha Mela festival, being with the pilgrims and walking two kilometres daily to capture the best shots was a life-changing experience. He covered the Kumbha Mela festival in 2010 and 2013,

His introduction as a photographer is best described by the comment of the world-renowned Mary Ellen Mark, “Beautiful work by a man who loves and understands India. Bravo!”.

He has done several photographic shows nationally and internationally and is presenting here a selection of some memorable photos of the Kumbh Mela in Haridwar in 2010 and the Kumbh Mela in Allahabad in 2013.

Lichtmisweg 51, 8035 PL Zwolle, The Netherlands

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